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Asus strix x399-e gaming motherboard cannot POST

2024-06-10 14:19
Good afternoon!

I recently purchased an Asus strix x399-e gaming motherboard on Amazon (29Dec 2023) and it was working for a while until in May 2024 that it stopped POST-ing to Bios. The motherboard reported code 63, and the QLED shows solid white light for VGA. I've sent the Gpu (NVidia 3070 RTX) for servicing and it was demonstrated to me that it is working fine, able to output display and also run benchmark with full utilisation of Vram.


I'm inclined to think the motherboard is at fault, and thus I've cleared the CMOS, updated the bios via the flashback utility but it did not work.


Ive so far contacted Amazon, which directed me to Asus.com, who also directed me to Asus KR, who directed me to STCOM regarding warranty.

I have direct screenshots of the conversations with the various parties trying to track down who sold me this board, which is quite frustrating as I imagined it would be a straightforward matter.


Also, although my invoice was dated 29 Dec 2023, my warranty was found to be expired in 14 Nov 2020!

Please advice me. 
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